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The Story

Luxe Avenue the podcast has absolutely nothing to do with a dollar sign or material things, but has everything to do with living to the fullest capacity God has for us. True luxury is freedom. Through Luxe Avenue the podcast, your new favorite host, AJ, will help you navigate through life's lessons to live in FREEDOM. Because of Jesus, we all are free. Unfortunately, some of us don't realize it yet. All it takes is for you to walk in it (freedom). From experience and lessons AJ is currently learning, she wants to share what God has shared with her to help her live a "luxury life". 

AJ's passion is to help others, especially other young adults trying to figure out a true walk with God in today's culture. The great thing is, life never stops happening so she is continuously learning and desiring to share what God shares with her. LuxeAvenue the podcast with be for the advancement of God's Kingdom and helping listeners be and become better Kingdom citizens. 


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